Professionalism and expertise

The Law Office PUCHALLA, SLÁVIK & partners s.r.o. is a guarantee of expertise and professionalism in solution of legal problems.

Puchalla, Slávik & partners, s.r.o.

The Law Office PUCHALLA, SLÁVIK & partners s.r.o. is seated in Košice. Nevertheless, legal services are being provided by Our Law office all over the Slovak Republic as required by our clients.

Professional focus

Legal services

The subject matter of legal services provision mostly relates to the field of commercial, criminal, labour and administrative law. The goal of our Law Office is to provide our clients with comprehensive legal services on a highly professional level focusing on quality, proficiency, flexibility and efficiency of services provided, maintaining discretion and protection of information provided.



Clients of the Law Office are various business companies, state administration bodies, municipal institutions as well as other legal and natural persons. We apply professional approach to each of our client to solve their issues as efficiently and as fast as possible.



The lawyers of our Law Office also devote their time to professional publication. The Law Office provides legal services not only in Slovak but also in English and German language. If necessary, we cooperate with notaries, bailiffs, experts and other entities to provide the clients their professional services. The aim of our Law Office is to get as close to our clients and their needs as possible.


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